The Suspense is Terrible, I Hope it will Last

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Marines, Build is available in your launchers.  If you missed the changelog, check out the patreon post here released for all Blood Bounds, Aldrukai, and Praetorians. | The Tribe (LOKR TEAM) on Patreon.  Please report all bugs and feedback to the Patron Build Errors and Feedback or the Tickets channels in the Discord.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Over the past week a few users have rightfully pointed out the confusion around our roles.  So it’s finally time to fully clarify.

  • Praetorians Receive access to Test Builds and Immediate Access to Builds
  • Aldrukai Receive Immediate Access to Builds
  • Blood Bounds Receive Immediate Access to Builds
  • Marines Receive Access to Builds 2 weeks after BB’s, AL, and PR’s
  • Pilots  Receive Access to Builds 2 weeks after Marines
  • All Peons Receive Access to Builds 2 weeks after Pilots
  • Public  Receive Access to Builds when a New Build Releases

Following this plan, Pilots will see v0.1.4.0 arrive in their launchers on August 8th and the Old/New Peons will see the build on August 22nd.  If you have any further questions please reach out in the comments or on the Discord.

Sunday we wrapped up the poll, here’s the results.

Poll Results                           SS      Patreon     Totals

  • Waitress at the Tavern     0            119       119 (54%)
  • Dancing                           3              41       44   (20%)
  • Cleaning the Pot              5              20       25   (11%)
  • Caring for Young             1              17       18   (8%)
  • Picking up Sticks              0              15       15   (7%)

Thank You to everyone that Voted.  We’re very excited to work on the Tavern and Waitressing Questline.  Aldrukai and Praetorians, be on the lookout, you’ll be the first to give feedback on the Tavern’s concept art.  But please keep in mind, we still have a little more work to complete on the Absolution before returning to the village.  Check out the trello to track our progress

Thank you for the continued Support. Until next time.  Peace and Stay Strong

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