That’s the Reason They’re Called Lessons

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Happy Tuesday!  We hope everyone is enjoying their month of August.  It’s been a little while since our last public post.  So let’s kickoff our first Mid-Month Update!

General Update

Thursday August 11th, Kuja unleashed an absolute unit of a KrAM picture.  The positivity and support it brought to our Twitter has been awe inspiring.  Thank you to everyone who liked, retweeted, and spread Kuja’s work.  And to all who may be coming to their first Patreon post.  Welcome, thanks for joining us on this journey.

Head over to if you’d like to see Kay in her NSFW glory :]

Monday we had a meeting amongst the team talking about the future of the village and combat.  One of the big points was laying out the Village in a more interesting/intuitive way.  You can check out the diagram above for our plan.  The “Hub” Background will be the first of Kuja’s priorities after the Absolution.  Then we will be ready to implement the Tavern and the Waitressing Questline.

Code Update

Our coders, Ron and Hooch, have been reworking the Character Controller system these past few weeks. For anyone who may not know what that means, the Character Controller handles the input received from both the player and the AI, including the actions all characters can do. As we began to work on the combat,  we quickly realized the old system wasn’t up to the task. So we needed a newer, more robust, system.

The Character Controller is a core piece of our system, as it handles all of the actions for the player and AI, and is used as a way to interact with all aspects of the game. Therefore these changes will likely still be in testing when we release v0.1.5.0.  Because of the size of the Character Controller update, it may present a number of issues during testing.  However, these reworks should make future issues easier to address and fix.

This has been a massive undertaking and we wanted to keep you guys informed with what has been happening this past month.  We’re excited to have such a large rework nearly complete and we look forward to creating the Combat System that will expand Lok:Rebirth’s gameplay.

Thank You for the Support.  We look forward to showing you more in the coming weeks.  Until next time.  Peace and Stay Strong

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