Update released for all Blood Bounds, Aldrukai, and Praetorians.

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Hello!  We are pleased to deliver Build to your launchers.  We thank you for your patience during the delay.  We are very proud of how the team persevered through a tumultuous last few months and I look forward to being awash in the newfound momentum.

Special thanks goes out to the Praetorians who helped test the build over the last few days.  Your help was instrumental in getting this build out as soon as possible.


  • Added Kay F**tjob CGI scene
  • Added in-game Tutorial after waking up in Kay’s room (with the option to skip)
  • Added Character – Federation Engineer Cassandra Eloskin
  • Added Character – Federation Pilot Chief Master Sergeant Sam Erin
  • Added Character – Federation Pilot Lieutenant Aida Maeve
  • Added Character – Federation Commander Amara Lyan
  • Added a new outfit for each new character (except for Maeve)
  • Added Maeve’s Bedroom area
  • Added The Briefing Room area
  • Added The Elevator Interior area and exterior in corridors
  • Added ‘H’ hotkey to hide the dialogue box in all dialogue scenes
  • Added the idle animations to all female marines
  • Added briefing room quest dialogue

Fixes and Modifications

  • Fixed tanning minigame not scaling with selected difficulty
  • Changed cursor color to a more noticeable yellow color (may create a setting to select your own in future)
  • Updated CGArt scenes to both start and end in a loop
  • Fixed alerts not working in the terminals
  • Fixed barks not working
  • Fixed being able to open the pause menu in the tutorial
  • Fixed broken doorways causing some areas to not transition to others correctly
  • Fixed bug causing shower door to not open
  • Fixed dialogue not working due to a change made when fixing barks
  • Fixed “some” alignment issues with certain Vanlen scenes
  • Fixed doors accidentally being misnamed
  • Removed wall showing behind some doors when they open
  • Modified Kay to start the game in her underwear rather than pilot suit

For our Marines: We have made the decision to bring forward your release date to Monday July, 25th.  We believe this is an appropriate compromise for the delay.  If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comments below or in the Discord server.

Lastly, we will be closing the Patreon poll on Sunday.  Please get your votes in so we can continue to shape the future of the game.  If you already have, please don’t hesitate to drop a suggestion in the comments or in discord.  It’s the easiest way to have your thoughts seen.

We look forward to reading your feedback for the build.  Please report all bugs found to the Patron Build Errors and Feedback or the Tickets channel in the Discord.

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