Now I Wanna Dance. I Wanna Win. I Want That Trophy, So Dance Good

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Happy Monday Everyone!  Welcome to SpookyTober!!

First we’re happy to release build to everyone.  Above you can find the download for the launcher.  If you have any issues or concerns please reach out to the Public Build Errors and Feedback or the Launcher Errors and Feedback Channels in the Discord.  Check out the Patreon Post here for the build changelog.

Now let’s take a moment to chat about Build

We are targeting a release for Praetorians, Aldrukai, and Bloodbounds for Monday October 17th.  We had planned to release the build today, but simply put, It’s not ready.  Unfortunately this puts our Marine supporters in a needlessly awkward position of having a build that is targeted for an October 31st release.  So we have made the decision that Marines will have build available to download on Monday October 24th.  This means Pilots will be next on November 7th and Peons will be November 21st.  We are grateful for the patience you have afforded us.  Thank you

Here’s what we have been working on

Compound made an Incredible Marine Dropship model.  If you’re not already in the discord, jump in and head to #Public-Teasers channel to enjoy the Dropship in all its 3D Glory.  Now Compound is expanding his role assisting Kuja in planning and creating all future Backgrounds.  Stay tuned, we look forward to showing off the fruits of this partnership soon.

Over the past few weeks Kuja has been diligently streaming his progress on the Generic Male Marines for the Absolution.  Thanks to his hard work, we now have lots of variety in how the male marines will look.  Here’s a taste of some of the options we now have access to.

  • 2 Body Types, Fox and Husky
  • 3 Faces for each Body Types
  • 3 Tails
  • 2 Pee Pees
  • 20+ Hairstyles

Now Archie is working on getting the art implemented in Spine.  Soon we’ll have these boys animated and implemented in the Absolution.

Let’s close out Today’s post with our Coders

Hooch completed assembling and implementing the collision for the Hangar and Armory Backgrounds.  Now Hooch is back to working on the Combat System.  While we’re still far away from showing it to you,  You can rest assured we’ve been diligently chipping away at the work.

Ron’s focus has been on implementing the Quest Code for leaving the Absolution.  This also includes implementing the dialogues for Maeve, the Armorer and Male Marines. Implementing the Marines and Armorer, when their animations are ready.   Implementing the Maeve and Kay Shower scene.  And finally giving the much needed tender, love, and care to Vanlen’s scenes.  The fixes you can expect to see are.

  • Implementing Spanking Scenes 2 and 3
  • Implementing the Thighjob Scene
  • Fixes to some Layering Issues
  • Fixes to Alignment Issues
  • Renaming Animations for Organization
  • Unlisting Old Versions of Animations

While it took quite a bit of time, Vanlen and his minigame are now in the state we intended.  We hope you take the time to return to them when you play build  We look forward to the feedback as future scenes and quests are planned.

Thank You All for the Patience and Support.  We apologize for the lack of communication in September.  Until next time.  Peace and Stay Strong.

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