Spooky Update (Spookydate?)

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Happy Tuesday Everyone!  We’re well into Spooky Month.  I Hope your days have been filled with Ghouls, Ghosts, Vampires, Werewolves, and all things spooky and sexy.

Tonight is Kuja’s Spooktacular Halloween Stream on Picarto! Feel free to join, and hey you may be able to Unwrap Nesi-Titi! :3

For our Praetorians, Aldrukai, and Bloodbounds Build is now available in your launchers.  Here is the Changelog and the Work completed so far.

All Coding/Unity Work

  • Reworked Character Controller System – Involving all Characters Movement, Player Input, Actions, and Interactions with Objects.
  • Added Hangar Background artwork, setup collision, setup exits, and setup navmesh
  • Added Vanlen Sex scene “Spanking 2” and made it trigger from the tanning minigame
  • Added Vanlen Sex scene “Spanking 3” and made it trigger from the tanning minigame
  • Added Armory Background artwork, setup collision, setup exits, and setup navmesh
  • Added Wall Signs in hallways to guide the player
  • Added caution tape in hallways to block off doorways and extra hallway with nothing currently in it
  • Added the Dropship and Kay’s ship to the hangar and setup collision for them
  • Added Kay and Maeve Shower scene and the dialogue for it
  • Added floor decal Compound made for door to Hangar from Armory
  • Added black background to doorways that didn’t have one before (you could see through them)

Fixes And Modifications

  • Fixed animation layering in Kay and Maeve Shower scene
  • Made Kay’s dropship interactable to get off the Absolution
  • Fixed dragging the pilot suit from Kay’s dresser breaking the tutorial
  • Fixed bug where occasionally Kay couldn’t move after she got out of bed and the tutorial started
  • Made it so the player discovers Commander Amara when the Briefing Room dialogue starts
  • Fixed a bug where deleting an object in the Scene editor tool deleted all objects of the same type
  • Fixed camera bounds in the hallway after exiting Kay’s Room
  • Fixed elevator door artwork dithering/z-fighting causing it to blink and the player to see through the seams
  • Fixed missing guard in the scene where you enter the razorclaw village for the first time, because he was turned off during night time
  • Fixed equipping/unequipping outfits for scenes causing it to carry over when the scene ends
  • Setup animation for door in the Armory
  • Renamed most sex scenes in character rigs for better animation workflow
  • Updated lighting to remove green tint during a certain time of day
  • Removed day/night cycle from all areas within the Absolution
  • Fixed animation layering issues in Vanlen’s Handjob scene
  • Fixed animation layering issues in Vanlen’s Fondling scene
  • Made it always night time when the player wakes up in the village after crashing
  • Automatically equipped Kay with her pilot outfit during the tutorial and when you skip it, if you did
  • Enabled Hangar option in the elevator

If you didn’t play Build, here’s some additional fixes done during this dev cycle.

  • Fixed leaving and returning to the briefing room, after playing the dialogue scene, will play it again
  • Fixed some doorways don’t let people enter them after opening it
  • Fixed characters misaligned in the briefing room scene
  • Fixed some user’s tutorial don’t progress after the shower scene
  • Fixed shower particles

Finally we also made steady progress for the future combat system.

  • Created Faction Manager to handle friendliness between factions and individual characters
  • Created a skill system to handle all skills we will add to the game
  • Added a window in our database tool for skills, so when we add them they’re easily referenced and assigned to characters.
  • Created a queue system so the player can queue up multiple skills at once which will be used in the order they’re queued while in combat.
  • Made multiple instances of combat possible at the same time (this will mainly be used for determining when a character is out of combat)

There are still two notable things that need to be added.  The generic Male Marines and the Threesome CG featuring Vasta, Anna, and Sammy.  We expect these to be ready for the Marine release on Oct 24th.

Thank you for all your patience during the delay.  We will continue to make strides in earning your support.  Until Next Time, Peace and Stay Strong.

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