Just a Bunch of Pies and Anchovies

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Happy Monday Everyone!  It’s been a little while since we’ve chatted.  So let’s jump in and get rollin!

We released Patch  The Fixes included.

  • Fixed leaving and returning to the briefing room, after playing the dialogue scene, will cause it to play again
  • Fixed some doorways that don’t allow people to enter them after opening
  • Fixed characters misaligned in the briefing room scene
  • Fixed issues with user’s tutorials not progressing after the shower scene
  • Fixed water particles not coming from the shower head in the shower scene

On the Topic of Fixes, let’s take a moment to talk about Vanlen’s Tanning Scenes.  For the last 8 months those scenes have remained, at worst, missing and, at best, misaligned. Ricco invested the time listing out these issues. Although we won’t be able to fix everything by the October Release. We hope to give you a more representative look of our vision for the game.

During the last post, Kuja had completed the Hangar Background. Now we are pleased to say he has completed the Armory Background, which you can see above. This has allowed Anthony to assemble the backgrounds in game.

These 2 backgrounds were the biggest tasks on Kuja’s plate and we’re on pace to meet our October Deadline.  Now Kuja can progress to drawing characters. As such, you’ll begin to see more Picarto streams at

We’re excited to, finally, get to talk about someone who’s been working hard, behind the scenes, for a long time now.  Silke has been chipping away at fleshing out the dialogue for the Absolution, more specifically Maeve.  He’s been irreplaceable in helping alleviate the burden off Vlad’s shoulders.

With the dialogue bases covered. Vlad has had the time to outline the waitressing quest line. See the graph above and you can read the outline for the minigame below. Let us know what you think. Things are still WIP, so expect some changes.

Waitress Minigame –

The minigame will be split into two phases with gradually increasing difficulty.

Phase 1 – The tutorial and initial game mechanics presented to the player.

  • Physically taking the correct order to the table in the appropriate time frame. This will include one of 4 food types, and a specific drink.
  • Kay will move to the center table with all the food for food orders, and select which type of food to place onto her serving tray.
  • Initially the tavern will be mostly empty, with the tutorial being one or two lizards seated.
  • Lizards will show whether they are ordering, satisfied, or upset via barks such as:

“Hey, I want food!”

“Why is it taking so long!?”

“Finally. Delicious.”

  • Speaking to them will allow you to get their exact order, which must be remembered. The order could be a combination of food and/or drink.
  • The difficulty increases simply by adding more patrons to the tavern thus increasing the workload and time difficulty.
  • The amount of respect gained is directly proportional to the effectiveness of service Kay renders. If patrons are unhappy from waiting too long, wrong orders, or missed orders then she will receive less respect.

Phase 2 – After a few days Nesi will remark that she needs help with the bar as well. Kay will then have to mix drinks in addition to her previous duties.

  • Mixing drinks is accomplished by a 2D minigame screen where she has to use a set of three barrels filled with multi-colored liquid to produce the appropriate mix. The colors of drink will also be in shapes to help colorblind.
  • A Patron may order “Aufrik Ale” or up to 26 other possibilities (3*3*3) which Kay must recall the recipe and mix properly, then deliver the order like any other in a timely fashion.

Please bring forward your comments and concerns. We look forward to showing you more soon. Thank you for the Support. Until next time. Peace and Stay Strong.

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